5 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business

Now that email marketing is on the rise and the world of e-commerce pretty much demands really powerful and effective email marketing strategies and campaigns, there’s a great demand for email marketing tools to help sustain a cost-effective marketing initiative. Huge corporations have millions of dollars to spend for a marketing campaign and it’s easy for them to invest in the best-of-the-class tools for their marketing operations.

However, for small businesses, there’s a need to be more cognizant and wise in terms of choosing the best email marketing tools to incorporate in a small business environment. Choosing the best email marketing tool can help you easier manage, control and establish direct contact with your customers.

We have put together 5 highly recommended email marketing tools that you can use for your small business. Let’s take a look at each of them below.

Constant Contact

This email marketing tool is perhaps one of the largest as well as the fastest growing email marketing tool in the world today. You might be surprised when you find out that it’s also the easiest to use for beginners.

Constant Contact can help you manage your contacts, email lists, templates and many more. This tool also gives you the ability to access tracking and reporting capabilities, including social media sharing tools, image library and whopping 1GB storage to store your files.

What’s great about Constant Contact is that it offers unsurpassed email, live chat and community support plus a really huge library of resources. On top of that, Constant Contact offers online training and even live seminars that can take place in your neighborhood. These offers allow you to learn the fundamentals of email marketing quickly and even start it like a pro.

All of that combined makes Constant Contact the best email marketing tool for small business. Constant Contact offers a 60-day trial run with no credit card requirement and then a $20/month pricing after the trial.


Drip is a really powerful marketing tool not only for e-commerce but also for bloggers and even marketers. This is because it offers a wide variety of tools from its really perceptive and intelligent email marketing platform.

Don’t be intimidated by Drip’s amazing and complex looking capabilities. Drip is also a great email marketing tool for beginners. This tool offers add-ons that you can integrate for any popular website building platforms, such as WordPress and WooCommerce. What this does is enable you to easily add sign up forms into your website in order for you to capture more leads.

Those features might be similarly offered by other tools but what sets Drip apart from the competition is its highly intelligent automation of marketing tools, list groups, smart email segmenting, and a whole lot of cool features that enables you to reach specific audiences in your huge email list.

Drip also has a great support options such as Webinars, live chat support, automation training, free guides, excellent documentation and detailed courses. Pricing starts at $41/month and Drip also offer free trial to up to 100 subscribers.


What best describes ConvertKit is robust. It is designed for professional bloggers, marketers and authors. That being said, ConvertKit is designed to be really easy to use and extremely powerful. ConvertKit also offers content upgrades as well as incentives that includes email signup forms. It does come with an easy to manage auto-responder that enables you to send drip emails.

ConvertKit also offers the capability to easily segment contacts into who have purchased and who are potentially interested. This one great way for marketing automation. ConvertKit has an extensive knowledge base with lots of learning material and a great email based support.


AWeber comes out as one of the more popular email marketing tools out in the market today. They offer a wide-range of tools that are powerful and intuitive for small and medium sized businesses. It is an easy to use tool with fairly simple ways of integration to website builder tools such as WordPress. AWeber gives easy access to list management, email templates, email tracking and auto-responders.


Another of the hugely popular and most commonly used email marketing tools in the industry is GetResponse. It is an extremely easy solution with a complete list of packages to help you with your email marketing needs. What sets GetResponse apart from the rest is it is absolutely easy for beginners.

It comes with amazing marketing automation tools that enables you to build smart automated campaigns. GetResponse also has a drag-and-drop builder where you can create segment contacts, campaigns and send content to specific and designated groups without sweat. Pricing starts at $15/month after a 30 day free trial.