Constant Contact

A Closer Look: Constant Contact

There’s a number of high profile email marketing tools for businesses in the industry today. Sometimes, the process of choosing and making a decision on what tool to use for your marketing team can be a bit daunting. We have decided to help out and come up with a review series of the email marketing tools that are out there in the marketplace. We hope that this could provide a bit of a value add to your business and somehow help in your successful marketing campaign.

Our first would be a Constant Contact review, which we will detail in great care, its features and capabilities, pros, cons and recommendations.

Constant Contact has been widely known for its ease-of-use and easy pricing offering. It is great for small businesses. It offers a 60-day free trial that will allow you to navigate its full suite of features and capabilities and feel its behavior throughout your email marketing campaign beginnings or pilot. In relation to our Constant Contact review, we are looking into the 500 contacts email plan.

Constant Contact has added email autoresponders that are beyond what you have on those sign ups, which include birthdays as well as anniversaries. It also offers the capability to send series of emails to a set of contacts. For example, a day-to-day guide to getting started with the service or even follow-ups to a specific events. Moreover, Constant Contact offers a huge library of 2GB storage. The maximum file you can upload per image is 5MB. On top of that, it offers free access to paid stock photos and even gives you the ability to interact via Twitter.

Features and Pricing

Constant Contact offers a wide range of pricing plans, which starts at the cheapest base plan of $20 per month for subscribers up to 500 and then increments from $45 per month for up 2,500 subscribers. It also has a mid-tier plan, which costs $195 for up to 10,000 subscribers and then $335 for over 50,000 subscribers.

How to Create Subscriber List

There’s a lot of ways to upload or add contacts into the tool that range from the copy-and-paste or manual type to uploading different types of files, such as XLS, XLSX, TXT or CSV. You can even import your contacts from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook and even interact with your Customer Relationship Software (CRM).

How to Setup a Campaign

Constant Contact offers great templates that you can use when you are ready to send out your email campaigns or newsletters. Its editing tool is very handy and can let you tweak the texts, images and even the colors. On top of that, Constant Contact offers a media library where you can store your very own assets and files, which could include your company logo and other company images.

How to Track Campaigns

The Reports tab offers you to track your email or newsletter’s success. The dashboard shows the basic information that you need to see, such as opens, bounces, clickthroughs, as well as unsubscribe requests. There’s also a handy bar char that shows open rates as well as comparison charts showing performance of multiple campaigns. You can also see real-time results with a simple click of the Refresh buttons.

Customer Support System

Constant Contact offers a ton of help options and it is very to use. Its information icons and fields have useful explanations on what they are. Moreover, Constant Contact has an extensive knowledgebase (KB) articles plus it offers a toll-free number to speak to a live person who can coach you in using the tool and/or help resolve any technical glitch.


Constant Contact has affordable plans and offers some great help materials for you to easily navigate its features and capabilities. It has a great suite of built-in templates as well for your email campaigns or newsletters. It even offers free trial available. Lastly, it has Google Analytics integration and mobile app.


The bad thing about Constant Contact is its constant glitch and limited auto-responder plus a slow dashboard load. It is also a bit expensive for starting businesses.


Ultimately, Constant Contact proves to be an easy-to-use and professional looking email marketing tool that is really fantastic for small businesses. It is a great and essential part of a business marketing strategy. However, you will need to get ready in managing Constant Contact’s high pricing and quirky glitches and quibbles.