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Effective Tips in Writing Content for Email Marketing

Email marketing is on the rise. It is the newest thing in the world of business – particularly e-commerce. It has become a prominent and popular form of marketing available in the industry today. It is considered to be effective, personal, and most importantly, very accessible for a wide variety of companies.

Considering all those sweet spots that email marketing has covered, there’s a lot of people wanting to learn how to write content for email marketing and use that into a powerful email marketing strategy for any type of business.

Email marketing is completely different from social media. While social media generates a lot of engagement from the general public, email marketing is more personal and targeted. It is dedicated to engaging a specific set of audience. If you plan to know how to write content for email marketing, you are in luck for today, we have prepared the best list for you to write content for email marketing.

  1. Write a great subject line

The great gatekeeper for an effective email is the subject line. This is the truest in the world of email marketing. This the make or break of an email marketing campaign.

  1. Make your emails personal

General email copy is professional, likely effective and perhaps, would cost much because you will need to hire really great copywriters. But you don’t have to be constrained within this. You can personalize your email copy – insert your customer’s name in the email’s subject line, target the body of your email in a way that it speaks to your customer directly and not in general. Sometimes, it is likely that you get lost in the fray but you can improve down the line. You can be assured that your email won’t be overlooked since you are reaching out to them personally and that’s what differentiates you from everyone else.

  1. Create clear and catchy emails

Here’s a rule of thumb that will definitely cover you for a long period of time – clear emails first and catchy second. Ensure that your email is clear and descriptive before making it catchy. This will make your customers understand what the purpose of your email is and it keeps you away from drawing emails that will not yield any results. In addition, with this type of email content, you are assured of your authority as a business or a company because your customers can see that you can deliver and they can picture their expectations more realistically.

  1. Ensure your subject line is aligned to your copy

This is a common pitfall for email marketing – investing too much on a great copy for the subject without aligning to the entire body of the email. It’s great if you are able to come up with catchy and clear subject line but you have to make sure that it aligns to the email’s body copy. It simply provides more value to your customers on a long term and builds your reputation that will make your customers open your emails in the future.

  1. Keep things relevant

Your email content should be relevant in order to connect to your customers. The overall goal you need to achieve with your email content is to make it more grounded and in-demand for your customers.

  1. Use the second person

The second person is unique and personal, which is apt for email. Your customers will make it easier to relate to the voice of your email when you are trying to reach out and speak directly to them. As a result, it is easier for them to connect with your emails and a high chance of getting interested of opening your follow through emails in the future.

  1. Benefits on top of features

A lot of audience won’t really care about what you are selling. Chances are they have already received the same instruction to buy from other competitors. That being said, your email content shouldn’t directly sell to your audience but offer benefits about what you are selling. Less about the features and more on a realistic picture about what your product or service can offer to your audience.

  1. Short is the best

Email marketing is not the right place to manifest your inner novelist and/or Pulitzer-winning essay. Forget about being verbose and long-winded. Keep things short, direct-to-the-point and value adding. Putting all this together in a brief but striking email can keep your audience interested and keeps you in control of your topic throughout your email campaign duration.

  1. Your personality should shine

Your email is the face of your company – it is the direct representation of your personality sans the face to face interaction. That being said, your email content should show your personal brand and how your company offers benefits to your audience. Being professional remains the priority but don’t be too constrained that you lose your personal touch – it could go miles and could make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Never spam

Spam is the cardinal sin of email marketing. It is a sure way to get your emails straight to the recycle bin or being reported and blocked. Never forget about this. Your email content should have something crisp and solid to say. Don’t send out email for the sake of sending one. It is going to be no surprise if your audience unsubscribes from your email or worse you might get yourself into hot water.